The Forensic Client History and Checklist (FCHC), Anthony D. Sciara, PhD

forensic_history_checklistThe Forensic Client History and Checklist (FCHC) is a structured history questionnaire and a checklist for criminal competency. It was designed out of my 35 years of practice in both the forensic and general clinical fields.

In both the forensic setting and the clinical setting there were many times when the client was gone and I recognized that I did not have information about specific areas of functioning or of their history which would be essential to a complete evaluation. At first I attempted to outline questions before the evaluation, but found that I always forgot something. Finally, I worked for several years on a written outline that I would fill out with the assistance of the client. It worked incredibly well and clients were very helpful in following along with the structure of the interview.

The FCHC has recently been updated and revised along with an updated and revised Manual. The manual reviews each section of the FCHC and describes the type of information to be gathered. It also describes how to ask certain questions and the importance of developing a positive response set on the part of the client. For the clinician or forensic practitioner the FCHC provides a real time documentation of a client’s history and background that provides a foundation for any personality assessment report

Packet contains Manual and pack of 10 checklists
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