Rorschach Training Programs Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 3, July-August, 2009

[A slightly different version of this newsletter was published and distributed via e-mail on July 14, 2009.]


  • Participant Feedback From the 2009 Reunion Program
  • An Administration Tip
  • Next RTP Program

By Barry Ritzler, PhD

Another successful Reunion Program was held in Asheville May 14-17, 2009. The Program began on Thursday with the presentation of an MMPI-2 and Comprehensive System case presented by Roger Greene and Phil Erdberg. Additional cases were presented by members of the RTP faculty: Anita Boss, Tony Sciara, and Barry Ritzler. According to participant feedback a highlight of the Program was a forensic case presented by Anita Boss on Friday morning integrating the use of the Comprehensive System and the MMPI-2.

On Friday evening Tony Sciara and his wife, Jill Vargo, hosted what is becoming a traditional RTP buffet dinner. This year’s group was the first to see Jill and Tony’s new Grove Park Condominium overlooking the Grove Park Golf Course. The food was great, and a good time (and much beer) was had by all.

On Saturday, Tony, Anita and Phil presented two forensic cases. The Program ended on Sunday with a presentation of the Sirhan Sirhan protocol by Barry Ritzler.

Program feedback will be very helpful for planning of future Reunion programs. Participants reported that they were satisfied with the meeting location and the hotel.

Concerning program content, approximately half the participants commented that they would like to have fewer forensic cases next year and that at least one child and adolescent case be included. Participants requested less focus on the MMPI but noted that discussion of the integrated use of multiple assessment techniques would be helpful.

The RTP Directors will respond to this feedback as the 2010 Reunion is being planned. The intent is to include some new presenters who will discuss research issues and possible enhancements to the variables in the Comprehensive System.

Also, it is a goal to email protocols to participants prior to the Reunion so there is more time to read and prepare. The general schedule for the 2010 four day Reunion Program is a full day on Thursday, Friday morning (afternoon open for site-seeing), full day Saturday. and half day on Sunday.

Remember, if you have attended a previous Rorschach Training Program or a Rorschach Workshop, you are eligible to register for the Reunion program. The Reunion is posted on the RTP website and you can register at any time. Unfortunately, due to rising costs registration fees will be increased to cover expenses.


The Little Book on Rorschach Comprehensive System Administration, which includes a demonstration DVD, is available for purchase via the RTP Website. The book was written by Tony Sciara and Barry Ritzler, members of the RTP faculty, who also made the demonstration DVD.

Our tip is a revision of instructions (per the “Little Book”) for the inquiry phase of administration.

Instead of the complicated and hard-to-memorize instructions in the workbook, we suggest that you tell the client, “We are going to go through this again; I need to see what you saw in the same way you did. I need to know where you saw each thing (hold up your thumb) and what about it made it look like what you saw (point your second finger).”

These instructions are easier to use and understand, and were approved by Dr. Exner — who reviewed the book prior to publication.


The next RTP Program will be a Beginning Program to be held in Asheville, NC, November 11-15, 2009. Remember, you can now purchase your registration for all our programs online at the Rorschach Training Programs, Inc. website at