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March Society for Personality Assessment Meeting
The Society for Personality Assessment held its annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois and had record-breaking attendance for the second year in a row.  We look for another all-time record next year when we meet in the Gaslight District of San Diego in mid-March.
One of the main highlights of the meeting for me was a symposium during which the same Rorschach protocol was interpreted by the R-PAS system (Don Viglione) and the Comprehensive System (Ron Ganellen).  Essentially, both systems seemed to make accurate interpretations, but there were no clear differences between the two. 
Since the Comprehensive System has much greater research support at the present time and what we consider to be a better normative base, I see no reason for learning a new system.
Another feature of the meeting was the Marguerite Hertz Award in honor of Anne Anastasi.  The personal presentations by her students and colleagues again made the award a major part of the plenary session.
Also at the plenary session, President Radhika Krishnamurthy gave an excellent address to the membership in attendance.
I was especially glad to see the return of Arnold Bruhn to the meeting.  He used his Early Memories procedure to perfection in a symposium on the assessment of dangerousness.
The meeting also gave me an opportunity to present the final, marketable version of the Picture Project Test (PPT), an alternative to the TAT for the assessment of adults with norms and a manual for scoring and interpretation.  The PPT website ( is active and has a link on this website.      

There continues to be a need for research using the Rorschach Comprehensive System.  Dr. Exner always said the CS was a work in progress and should continue to be studied to remain a viable tool for psychologists.
The International Rorschach Organization for the Comprehensive System (IROCS) is considering establishing a scholarship program for research with the Comprehensive System.  More information will be forthcoming in this newsletter as this project is developed.    
The last 2012 Program is scheduled for June 11-15 at the University of Hartford Psychology Department in Hartford, Connecticut.  It is a five-day beginning program and will be taught by Dr. Anthony Sciara and me.  It will be held upstairs in the Student Union of the university.  A number of people have already signed up, so do not delay if you want to attend this program.  You can sign up by using our website (

There have been some recent problems with registration on the website but we hope these have been resolved.  If you have any difficulty registering please call 732-690-4008 so we can help you.
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