RORSCHACH TRAINING PROGRAMS, INC September/October Newsletter Volume 5, Number 5

Barry Ritzler, PhD
Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Welcome to another exciting academic season with the new calendar year fast approaching. Included in this Newsletter are the Programs being scheduled for 2014.


The final 2013 RTP training program was recently held in Asheville, North Carolina on September 20 to 22. There were 24 participants for the Advanced/Reunion Program which focused on Rorschach changes across the spectrum of human development. It was good to see “old friends” like Art Horn, Patrick Owens and Ed Egnoski, and it was also good to see many relatively new practitioners of the Comprehensive System.

Our guest speaker, Irving Weiner, traced the beginning of the Comprehensive System and its early development. He also spoke on his close relationship with John Exner. Irv presented an adolescent case and Tony Sciara and I presented case protocols that spanned the ages of 11 to 70.

While together in Asheville, Tony, Irv and I made progress on our book, Rorschach Comprehensive System Coding. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive tool that is eminently readable. We are planning to have it available in late 2014.

The traditional Advanced/Reunion dinner party was held at the Sciara/Vargo residence adjacent to the Grove Park Inn. The food was delicious and the extra time gave us an opportunity to renew old acquaintances and make new friends.

Our thanks to the Society for Personality Assessment (SPA) for co-sponsoring our Programs. SPA is responsible for providing our continuing education credits through APA. We are also very thankful to the University of Hartford and Dr. Peter Weiss who have graciously assisted with arrangements for Beginning Programs over the last couple of years. As noted below, they are continuing their partnership with RTP by hosting yet another Beginning Program in 2014. We are very grateful to University of Hartford, Dr. Weiss and the entire staff and faculty for their participation.


Recent research on the Rorschach appearing in the Journal of Personality Assessment primarily used Comprehensive System methods of administration and coding. In one article, Dzamonja-Ignjatovic, Smith, Jocic, and Milanovic report a very small improvement in the use of RPAS variables (T Comp and Ell-3) for differentiating schizophrenia over the CS variables of PTI and ELL-2. But even that study used CS methods. We are still waiting to see if the new RPAS method of administration yields similar results.

It is encouraging that the Damonja-Ignjatovic, Smith, Jocic, and Milanovic study showed that all Rorschach CS and RPAS variables, regardless of the system, were highly successful in identifying serious cognitive disorders.

The other two studies reported in the latest issue of the Journal of Personality Assessment show effective usefulness of the Comprehensive System. Porcelli, Giromini, Parolin, Pineda, and Viglione reported a strong correspondence between the human movement response (M) and mirroring activity in the human brain.

Opaas and Hartman used refugee partisans to study the effectiveness of trauma-related variables on the Rorschach. There is no doubt that the Rorschach method, developed nearly 100 years ago and updated by Exner is still effective in psychology, especially when modifications first developed nearly 50 years ago are applied.


There have already been inquiries regarding the RTP Programs for the coming year. Although we do not have a final schedule published as yet, we can report there will be another 5 Day Beginning Program (Monday through Friday) at the University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT, June 23-27, 2014.

A second 5 Day Beginning Program is being planned for Dallas, Texas, February 19-23, 2014. This will be a Wednesday through Sunday Program to accommodate those who have limited time away during the work week.

We are in the process of considering a 2 Day Advanced Program on Forensics in mid August. The faculty for this program would include Drs. Anthony Sciara and Anita Boss, both of whom are very experienced forensic psychologists. Any Forensics Program, however, would be scheduled only if there is a strong indication of interest. We would anticipate teaching the Program in Asheville, NC in cooperation with Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) in August. Please let us know if you are interested so we might begin the planning process.


Recently we learned that Google is shutting down its payment system in November for purchasing “hard” materials. As we explore other options it seems that Paypal may be the best option. We will let you know when this change is in place. For the next few weeks, however, you can continue ordering materials via Google Checkout.


Please know that we are glad to receive your questions and comments via email and/or phone. Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you have a Rorschach question. We are happy to help.

Best wishes.