RORSCHACH TRAINING PROGRAMS, INC Newsletter Volume 4, Number 3 and 4

Barry Ritzler, PhD
Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The final 2012 RTP training program was recently held at the University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut. There was an excellent turnout with 28 participants who registered for the Program. The psychologists were a blend of graduate students and practicing psychologists wishing to familiarize themselves with the Rorschach Comprehensive System. Participants came from 13 different states – from Massachusetts to the state of Washington. Three international students representing Portugal, Canada, and Argentina also attended. We felt it was one of the best classes we have had in terms of participants’ knowledge and preparedness for learning the Rorschach. The participants were very actively involved in the Program, asked many questions, and did excellent homework.

There have already been inquiries regarding the RTP Programs for the coming year. Unfortunately we will not have a schedule ready until the fall. Feel assured that at least one Beginning and one Advanced Program will be offered.

As you may have noticed from the heading, this Newsletter is for both May/June and July/August. Dr. Sciara and I are will be traveling extensively during the summer doing international teaching of the Rorschach Comprehensive System so the next RTP newsletter will be for September/October. We will wrap up the summer with a Workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Dr. Irv Weiner will join us as a presenter.

As some of you are aware Dr. Anat Ben-ziv and I recently launched the new Picture Projection Test. The PPT website to review and purchase the test is active so if you are interested please check it out. The PPT is designed as an alternative to the TAT. The pictures (9) are in color, are more up-to-date, contain more action and people and even show some smiles. The website is

During the Hartford workshop we were able to look at the latest update on the Rorschach Plus web based computer program for administration, coding and interpretation of the Rorschach using the Comprehensive System. The program is in Beta testing and has been developed by IDDP, a psychological group in Portugal. Dr. Sciara has been very active in the development of the program which integrates current technology with Comprehensive System information. For more information, an the opportunity to participate in Beta testing visit the web site at

Thanks to the Society for Personality Assessment for co-sponsoring our Programs for continuing education credit and thanks to the University of Harford and Dr. Peter Weiss who graciously assisted with all the arrangements. The University of Hartford provided an excellent learning environment for the five day program.

If any of you need to reach us we are always available by email or phone. Have a great summer.