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I am sure many of you, especially in areas that experienced such challenging winter weather are glad to see the signs of spring and know that summer is fast approaching.

For Rorschach Training Programs we are busy preparing for the remaining 2013 Programs which will occur during the summer months.   We hope you will want to join us for some of these exciting programs, many of which may not be offered again for some time.

Since we are approaching summer and many people are traveling and away from their universities this will be the last Newsletter until the fall issue.  If you have questions or comments in the meantime please reach us via “contact us.”



The Beginning Program to be held at the University of Hartford June 24-28, 2013, is filling up quickly so register soon.  This is a 5 day program with homework designed to provide a one-semester graduate introduction to the Comprehensive System.  Administration, coding and interpretation will be covered for each of the 8 protocols presented during the Program.


The highlight of the Advanced Reunion Program scheduled for September 20-23 in Asheville, North Carolina will feature presentations by Irving Weiner.   The protocols will demonstrate the progression of maturation from child, to adolescent, to adult and senior adult. This is also a rare opportunity to listen, ask questions and discuss Rorschach issues related to the child and adolescent and the development of personality in general.   Dr. Weiner will also present his personal journey in the development of the Comprehensive System with Dr. Exner.


In response to the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, Rorschach Training Programs is planning a special, 2 day program on Risk for Violence, using the Rorschach to estimate the potential for violence.  The program will be held at the University of Hartford Thursday, August 22 and Friday, August 23, 2013.  Presentations and discussions will involve protocols that indicate the strong possibility of violent behavior.  One of the protocols presented will be that of a famous serial killer, Ted Bundy.

Barry Ritzler will be the faculty for this Program assisted by Peter Weis, PhD, Associate Professor at the University of Hartford.   The two day Program will offer 12 hours of CE credit.  All the details are now available on the RTP website and online registration is open.


As mentioned in the previous Newsletter we have been able to lower the printing costs for materials.  As a result of these efforts the price of the Little Book and the Interpretation Workbook is being reduced.  The Little Book and DVD can now be ordered online for $50 plus shipping, and the Interpretation Workbook is now $75 plus shipping.


Interpretation based on Rorschach variables is supported in the Comprehensive System by research conducted by John Exner and his students and colleagues.  This research support is the primary reason why Rorschach interpretation based on the Comprehensive System has been accepted by courts everywhere.   The studies that support Comprehensive System Rorschach Interpretation have been documented by Exner in his Comprehensive System volumes – particularly Volume 1, edition 4.

Now that the R-PAS has been developed as an alternative to the Comprehensive System, research methodology is available to determine if the new system is an improvement over the old.  Additional research evidence that supports R-PAS will make it a useful tool in forensic settings.

Unfortunately, precious little research has been published in support of R-PAS.  Even though Exner provided clear information to guide the parameters of such research, no one, to date, has used the information to compare R-PAS to the CS.

A little research has been conducted by the individuals responsible for the development of R-PAS and their students, but even that research is limited and does little to demonstrate that R-PAS is superior to the CS.

What we need is comprehensive (do I dare use that word?) research comparing R-PAS to the CS using the methodology provided by Exner.  Perhaps we could conduct such research at RTP, but we are too closely aligned to the CS to make our work strongly convincing and we are too old and retired to undertake such investigations.  Also, my current research is aimed at investigating the validity of the Picture Projection Test as an updated alternative to the TAT for personality assessment.

Research comparing R-PAS and the CS must come from investigators not committed to either system.  Many doctoral dissertations will be done in psychology in the years to come.  Our hope is that some of these studies will use the Rorschach to compare R-PAS and the CS and that these studies will take advantage of the methodological genius of John Exner.


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“Best Wishes for a Great Summer”