Barry Ritzler PhD and Anthony Sciara, PhD


The Beginning Program at the University of Hartford June 24-28, 2013, is filling up quickly so don’t delay in registering. The number of participants is limited so all can benefit from a teacher/student ratio that guarantees the best learning experience.

The highlight of the Advanced Reunion Program scheduled for September 20-23 in Asheville, North Carolina will feature presentations by Irving Weiner. The protocols will demonstrate the progression of maturation from child, to adolescent, to adult and senior adult. This is a rare opportunity to listen, ask questions and discuss Rorschach issues related to the child and adolescent and the development of personality in general. Dr. Weiner will also present his personal journey in the development of the Comprehensive System with Dr. Exner.

RISK FOR VIOLENCE: (Special 2013 Program)

In response to the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, Rorschach Training Programs is planning a special, 2 day program on using the Rorschach to assess the potential for violence. The program will be held at the University of Hartford, probably in August before the academic year begins so school psychologists will be able to attend. Presentations and discussions will involve protocols that indicate the strong possibility of violent behavior. One of the protocols presented will be that of a famous serial killer.

Barry Ritzler will be the faculty for this Program assisted by Peter Weiss, PhD, Psychology Professor at the University of Hartford. The two day Program will offer 12 hours of CE credit. As soon as a date is confirmed we will send out another newsletter highlighting this important conference.


We have been able to secure another vender who is willing to lower the cost of reprinting. As a result of these efforts the price of the Little Book and the Interpretation Workbook is being reduced. The Little Book and DVD can now be ordered online for $50 plus shipping, and the Interpretation Workbook is now $75 plus shipping.


We just returned from the Society for Personality Assessment (SPA) convention that was held in the Gaslamp District of San Diego. The meeting included many papers sessions, symposia, and round tables that furthered the development of personality assessment. Also, master lectures, workshops, and consultation sessions were important events at the meeting.

Another major event at the meeting was the Hertz Memorial Lecture in honor of Paul Lerner. The lecture was given by Howard Lerner, Paul’s brother, Gene Nebel and Marty Leichtman, both friends of the man we will came to love as our past president and contributor to the field of personality assessment.

The meeting also signaled the end of tenures for two of our most important people. Greg Meyer from the University of Toledo is stepping down after 11 years as editor of the Journal of Personality Assessment. During that time, Greg made many important contributions to the publishing of personality assessment manuscripts. His place will be taken by Steve Huprich from Eastern Michigan University. We wish Steve well.

Also, leaving SPA is Paula Garber who has been Administrative Director through much of the growth of the organization. We will miss Paula very much and thank her for the contributions she has made to personality assessment and those of us working in the field. The Board of Trustees will be responsible for finding her replacement.

Rorschach and Technology

Of special interest was a paper presented by Joao Gavela and Luisa Gil (from Lisbon, Portugal) and Tony Sciara (Rorschach Training Programs) regarding the use of technology with the Comprehensive System. That paper compared the administration of the Comprehensive with a web based administration, coding and interpretation program, Rorschach Plus ( It is clear from that research the Comprehensive System can be administered using a computer without significantly affecting the results. That research was consistent with research presented by Tonya Oliver (CSPP at Alliant) last year at SPA using the R-PAS.

Rorschach and R-PAS

In spite of many presentations on R-PAS, it is apparent that the primary approach to the Rorschach is still the Comprehensive System. Many psychologists are awaiting research comparing R-PAS and the Comprehensive System, however that research was not forthcoming. We do not believe that R-PAS has yet developed an independent, R-PAS specific (administration, coding, etc.) data base to support the use of that system over the well-researched Comprehensive System.