Rorschach Training Newsletter: Vol 2, No. 5, September/October 2010

[A slightly different version of this newsletter was published and distributed via e-mail on September 28, 2009.]

Summary of the 2010 Reunion Program

Those attending the September Reunion Program were exceedingly positive and enthusiastic about their experience.  The Program opened on Thursday morning with a presentation by Tony Sciara and Barry Ritzler on the current status of the Comprehensive System.  A 27 page document written by Carl-Erik Mattlar, mainly concerning the new R-PAS System, was distributed to the group for discussion.  Those wishing to receive a copy of the document should contact Carl Erick Mattlar at

Thursday afternoon Barry Ritzler presented the Rorschach of Rudolph Hoess, the Commandant of Auschwitz from 1941 through 1943.  During the presentation Dr. Ritzler discussed regular features of the Rorschach of rank-and-file Nazi war criminals, some of which were illustrated by the Hoess protocol.  Dr. Ritzler also referred to the book, The Quest for the Nazi Personality, which covers the history of the Rorschach at the Nuremberg trials and includes a chapter summarizing the results of Dr. Ritzler’s study of the rank-and-file Nazi Rorschachs.

On Friday the Program continued with a protocol presentation by Irving Weiner.  Dr. Weiner is returning as faculty for the presentation of child and forensic protocols.  Dr. Weiner is a co-author of The Rorschach:  A Comprehensive System:  Volume 3, Assessment of Children and Adolescents and a leading expert on the application of the Comprehensive System with child, adolescent, forensic and psychotic cases.  On April Dr. Weiner will join Dr. Ritzler in Dallas for an Advanced Training Program on the Child and Adolescent.  Information on the Program and registration can be found on the RTP Website.

Saturday was taken by guest presenter, J. Christopher Fowler, who gave a presentation on his suicide research (using the Comprehensive System and other data) and on the Rorschach of an inpatient who had attempted suicide multiple times.   Participants rated Dr. Fowler’s presentations as one of the highlights of the Reunion Program.  Dr. Fowler’s work is summarized in a series of articles appearing in the Journal for Personality Assessment.  It is important to note that Dr. Fowler applies very stringent definitions in coding such elements of the Comprehensive System Suicide Constellation as MOR and three-dimensional responses.   He also applies the same stringent guidelines to other indications of suicide risk such as transparencies and cross-sections.  When such guidelines are applied Dr. Fowler has been very successful in accurately identifying risk for suicide and self mutilation.

Sunday morning Anita Boss presented a forensic case that demonstrated how a psychologist using the Comprehensive System can provide meaningful input in difficult forensic cases.  Dr. Boss is a new member of the RTP faculty and specializes in using the Rorschach and other assessment methods with forensic cases.

Participants’ program evaluations indicated top ratings for the content and quality of presenters at the Reunion Program.  The group had lively discussions and enjoyed evening social gatherings.   When a future Reunion Program is planned it will be announced on the RTP website.

“Stay Tuned”

Dr. Ritzler is attempting to contact psychologists who were graduate students at Long Island University and who were co-authors with Dr. Exner on the unpublished studies mentioned in  The Rorschach:  A Comprehensive System: Volume 1, Basic Foundations and Principles of Interpretation.  Dr. Ritzler also is attempting to evaluate the impact of these unpublished studies on the empirical foundation of the Comprehensive System.  The next issue of the RTP Newsletter will summarize the results of Dr. Ritzler’s efforts.

Future RTP Programs

The Programs currently scheduled for 2011 are now posted on the RTP website and open for registration.  There are two listings – an Advanced Program on the Child and Adolescent scheduled for April 1-3. 2011, in Dallas, Texas and a Beginning Program to be held at Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY, June 13-17, 2011.  Program details, hotel information, etc. can be found on the RTP website.

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