Rorschach Training Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 6, November-December 2010

[A slightly different version of this newsletter was published and distributed via e-mail on January 3, 2011.]

The Directors of Rorschach Training Programs wish you a happy holiday season and a successful New Year. Soon the calendar will turn over to 2011, and all of us will be challenged to change the year when writing reports and dating other documents.


People are registering for the upcoming 2011 RTP Programs. If you are interested in attending, know that the number for each program will be limited to ensure a quality learning experience for each attendee. So, please do not wait too long if you want to guarantee a place in a Program.


Society for Personality Assessment.

SPA will be meeting in Boston, March 9-14, 2011. This will be one of the liveliest meetings in our history. The current status and future of the Rorschach will be featured in several paper sessions and symposia. Also, master lectures will be given by Nancy Kaser-Boyd (on adolescent assessment) and Sandy Russ (on pretend play). Steve Finn will receive the Bruno Klopfer Award and the Marguerite Hertz Memorial will be in honor of Jack Black. Boston is a great place to visit and has been the site of several previous SPA conventions and an International Society Meeting.

International Rorschach Society

The meeting of the XX International Congress of Rorschach and Projective Methods will be held, July 16-20, 2011 in Tokyo, Japan. If planning to attend keep in mind that booking air and hotel well in advance can provide a significant financial savings.

Gaining a world view of the Rorschach and other personality assessment methods will be the primary benefit of the International meeting; but also, for the first time attendees will be able to experience the wonders of Japan along with hearing about personality assessment and the Rorschach.

Drs. Sciara and Ritzler will be having a one day workshop on the Comprehensive System, and the program will feature many presentations by personality assessment scholars from around the world. You might be surprised by how and how much the Rorschach is used internationally. If you have never been to an International Society Congress this is a special opportunity for you, and if you have attended a previous International Congress, this meeting includes the enticing incentive of experiencing the splendor of Japan.


As you can see from our website Irving Weiner will be teaching at our April Advanced Child and Adolescent Program in Dallas. If you have not heard Irv teach this is an opportunity for you even if you are not primarily a child psychologist. Irv began teaching Comprehensive System Workshops with John Exner when the System was first developed. In addition to his many years of experience teaching the Rorschach Comprehensive System, he has been president of America’s Society for Personality Assessment (twice) and the International Rorschach Society.

Observing John Exner and Irv Weiner teach the Comprehensive System was very helpful to me as I was learning. Irv is one of the few master instructors for personality assessment, and I know of no instructor who is better organized and has a better sense of humor. It is a rare privilege to hear him teach.

If you want information on the current status of the Rorschach and the Comprehensive System, there is no better opportunity than to attend the April RTP Program in Dallas.


The fall has been exceedingly busy and unfortunately there has not been sufficient time to write an in-depth article for this Newsletter. The next Newsletter for January/February should contain more content and have some announcements regarding new resources coming from Rorschach Training Programs.