Rorschach Training Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 3, May-June 2010

[A slightly different version of this newsletter was published and distributed via e-mail on June 14, 2010.]

June Beginning Program in San Francisco
A good group is registered for the Program in San Francisco. Within the US attendees are coming from the states of California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Virginia, and Washington. Attendees from outside the US are coming from Canada, Brazil, and Hong Kong.

Protocols for the Beginning Program are constantly being updated and revised in response to participant evaluations. Included in the Program content will be new protocols and sample reports with a recommended format for integrating assessment information.

Registration will begin promptly on Wednesday morning, June 16th at 8:00AM. and the instructors will begin at 8:30AM. Each day has a full schedule of training so there will be little “down time.” On Friday evening, for students who would like to have dinner together we will plan to walk to a nearby, casual restaurant (inexpensive and good food).

August Advanced Program in Asheville, North Carolina
The summer is “flying by” and we need to hear from those who want to attend this Program but have not yet registered.

This Program is unique in that it provides the opportunity to enhance the psychologist’s skills of integrating the use of the Rorschach and MMPI 2 in personality assessment and treatment. Dr. Greene has authored numerous published articles concerning the MMPI 2.

His book, The Interpretive Manual published by Allyn & Bacon published in 2000 is still widely used today. His more recent book published in 2007 was written in collaboration with Irv Weiner and titled Handbook of Personality Assessment.

Dr. Anthony Sciara, who will be teaching with Dr. Greene, is not only an expert on the Rorschach Comprehensive System but also on its use in treatment, forensics, life planning, etc.

It is unknown when we will be able to offer this Program again so register soon.

September Reunion Program in Asheville
It has been almost two years since a Reunion Program has been held in Asheville, North Carolina. This Program was moved from May to September due to participant request. The four day Program (Thursday-Sunday) will have a variety of interesting case protocols presented by faculty members including Irv Weiner, Anita Boss, Anthony Sciara, and Barry Ritzler. A special guest presenter will be Christopher Fowler, PhD from Austin Riggs who will discuss his research on suicide and present a case.

There are no homework assignments during the Reunion Program and anyone who has previously attended a Rorschach Training Program or Rorschach Workshop is eligible to attend.

It is a beautiful time of year to visit Asheville, explore the area, and enjoy the companionship of other Rorschach enthusiasts. New this year will be the addition of an Open Forum to discuss the future of the Comprehensive System.

Summer is passing quickly so please register for these Programs if you are planning to attend.

The Directors are working on plans for a five day Beginning Program in New York City in mid June, 2011. As soon as plans are finalized the information will be posted on the RTP Website.

Planning can be required for international travel so an important future date to consider is July 16-20, 2011 when the meeting of the International Congress of Rorschach and Projective Methods will be held in Tokyo, Japan. More information can be found at

During the annual meeting of the Society for Personality Assessment there was much discussion of the new R-PAS system and the future of the Comprehensive System. It can be reported that the Comprehensive system is alive and well.

Even if you are tempted to dabble in the R-PAS, you will still need to know the Comprehensive System because all of the coding and much of the administration and interpretation of the R-PAS were taken directly from the Comprehensive System. We remain skeptical on the validity of R-PAS for three reasons: 1) much of their statistical analysis of validity uses data from the international normative samples which we find flawed in many ways; 2) the statistical analysis fails to address the many complexities encountered with individual cases; and 3) they do not take into account the many unpublished studies reported by Exner.

We encourage open dialogue and discussion regarding the new system and how it compares to the Comprehensive System. While the Exner Comprehensive System cannot remain static it can continue to grow and thrive through robust research that enhances and strengthens the variables.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments you can reach RTP by either going online and sending an email through the website or calling 732-690-4008. Both phone and email go to Carolyn Ritzler and she will answer or send on to the Directors for a response.

The “Little Book on Administration” and the DVD are available for order through the website. When placing your order online through the RTP website you should receive an automated email confirmation. Normally orders are filled and shipped within 24 hours.

It has been discovered that unauthorized groups such as have been selling the Little Book illegally. If the material is ordered from any other source RTP cannot be responsible.

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