Anthony Sciara, PhD


For the past decade Rorschach Training Programs has been jointly presenting international workshops in cooperation with FERSiC (Fundacion Estudios de Rorschach Sistema Comprehensivo) and their Director, Marta Medina.

The incentives to attend are many: a wonderful hotel in downtown Buenos Aires (Feirs Park Hotel), numerous wonderful restaurants with that delicious Argentinian beef, lomo, great prices on amazing leather goods and the amazing party that is part of the program which always includes good food. Tango Dancers, and wine.  Did I say wine?  Argentina does have some of the finest Malbec in the world and, again, the price is wonderful.

Oh yes, the Program.  Participants attend from all over South American, Central American, and Mexico.  Many have been coming for years and are expert Rorschachers.  Others are just learning the system and there are many in between.  While we present in English, there is a group of interpreters who do an excellent job.

We have jointly presented programs every two years since 2006.  Our next program will be in 2014.  We will meet from September 3 through September 6.  The presentation will be very similar to the program we just presented this year in Asheville, NC.  Irving Weiner will be joining us to present his development of the Rorschach Comprehensive System working with John Exner.  We will then present cases from a developmental perspective with child, adolescent, early adult, middle age adult and senior adult.  Each of these cases will be interpreted from a perspective of both the Rorschach findings and the work which occurs at the developmental stage of the client.  As more of us work with an aging population, these adult and senior cases will have increasing importance.

If you would like to attend the program at FERSiC International in Buenos Aires, Argentina contact Marta Medina at  You will learn a lot, make wonderful new friends from all over the southern hemisphere, will have a wonderful time eating, shopping, and did I mention the Malbec?

Coding Decisions for the Rorschach Comprehensive System

The idea for a new book on Coding the Comprehensive System was born in Buenos Aires in 2012.  At that time Irving Weiner, Barry Ritzler and I were presenting at the FERCiS International Conference.    During one of our many discussions we agreed that a new book which would update and expand on coding decisions would be a next logical addition to the writing that we have been doing at Rorschach Training Programs.  In 2006 Barry and I completed work on the first edition of The Little Book on Administration for the Rorschach Comprehensive System.   That book included a DVD which demonstrates two administrations, one with an adult and one with an adolescent.

In 2011 we completed work on The Interpretation Workbook for the Rorschach Comprehensive System.   That workbook provides students and practitioners with a guided learning opportunity for interpreting protocols with the Rorschach Comprehensive System.  It contains 32 actual protocols with true/false and multiple choice questions.  There is also an answer guide in the back of the book that not only provides users with the correct answers, but also provides them with why their wrong answers were wrong.

It has always been our belief that “garbage in, garbage out” pertains as much to the Rorschach as any other endeavor.  With that in mind we felt that clarifying how to code Rorschach protocols would be helpful.  While Dr. Exner has written on the coding used with the Comprehensive System, we believed it was appropriate to expand on his writing based on our years of teaching experience.  It is through our students’ questions that we realized more was required to help students understand coding decisions.  Coding Decisions for the Rorschach Comprehensive System (working title) presents a thorough and stepwise approach to coding.  Each chapter covers items to be coded beginning with Location Decisions to decisions regarding Special Scores.  In each chapter there is a definition of the variable to be coded, a brief explanation of the variable’s interpretative significance, and finally steps for making coding decisions for each of the variables.  There are numerous examples of coding decisions and why certain decisions are made.

We are almost finished with the first draft of the book and editing will begin in the next few weeks.  We hope to have the final product ready for printing in the first quarter of 2014.  We will keep you updated on our progress and how you can purchase when we go to publication.


There will be a  5 Day Beginning Program (Monday through Friday) at the University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT, June 23-27, 2014.

A second 5 Day Beginning Program is planned for Dallas, Texas, February 19-23, 2014.

This will be a Wednesday through Sunday Program to accommodate those who have limited time away during the work week.

We are considering a 2 Day Advanced Program on Forensics in mid August.  The faculty for this program would include Drs. Anthony Sciara and Anita Boss, both of whom are very experienced forensic psychologists.   Any Forensics Program, however, would be scheduled only if there is a strong indication of interest.   We would anticipate teaching the Program in Asheville, NC, in cooperation with Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) in August. Online you can read the program description and click  to send an email regarding your interest.  Please let us know if you are interested so we might begin the planning process.


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Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.