Next week we will be conducting the last 5 Day Beginning Program
for 2014. We frequently receive comments from those interested in
registering that five days is such a big commitment. Yes, we know
that it is a huge commitment of time and financial resources;
however, learning to administer, code, and interpret the Rorschach
is complicated and it takes time to appreciate the intricacies of
the process. For those wanting to become proficient with the
Rorschach Ink Blot Test, it takes time and teacher-student
interaction. After learning the basics it is appropriate to use
additional online training, computer assisted scoring, and
continued personal training.

Once again, this June we have students from many parts of the
United States. Often graduate students are required to have
training in the Rorschach for their internship. The RTP Beginning
Program provides an intensive experience that is equal to one
semester of university training in the Rorschach Comprehensive
System. We look forward to once again holding the Program at the
University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut.

The Advanced Two Day Forensic Program planning is well underway and
will be held Thursday and Friday, August 21 and 22, 2014, in
Asheville, North Carolina. Drs. Anita Boss and Anthony Sciara are
the faculty members for this Program. Both of these instructors
have years of experience in forensic evaluation and are still
currently engaged in forensic practice. Not only will relevant
case protocols be presented, but also discussion of how to prepare
for court, what to bring to the courtroom, what not to say, etc.,
will be included.

Don’t delay in registering because there will be a limit to the
number of registrations accepted. This is so each student is
assured of a high quality learning experience.

The International Rorschach Congress is being held in Istanbul,
Turkey, July 15 – July 19, 2014. While there, Dr. Ritzler will be
presenting the Picture Projection Test, an apperception method with
cards showing more color, more smiles, and more people than in the

From September 3 – September 8, 2014, Drs. Sciara, Weiner, and
Ritzler will be conducting a Comprehensive System workshop in
Buenos Aries, Argentina. We anticipate approximately 75
participants. This international program is being presented in
conjunction with FERSiC which is under the direction of Sr. Marta
Medina. The participants will come from all over South and Central
America. This is the 5th cooperative program between RTP and
FERSiC in Buenos Aires.

In March 2015, the Society for Personality Assessment will hold its
annual meeting in Brooklyn, New York. It is not too early to
consider attending this meeting.
RTP is pleased to announce the arrival of a new book on Coding for
the Comprehensive System. Drs. Sciara, Weiner, and Ritzler have
been working on this new book since 2012.

The book, Coding Strategies for the Rorschach Comprehensive System
provides a different approach to understanding coding. Unlike
other coding books it does not present line after line of examples
which are sometimes taken out of context and thereby lead to
confusion. While the “Coding Strategies” book gives some examples,
they are in the context of focusing on thoroughly understanding
what the codes represent, what they contribute to understanding the
examinee and, finally, strategies for coding the variable

“Coding Strategies” helps students, trainers, and clinicians
understand coding by demonstrating how differences in coding can
occur depending upon how the response and verbalizations during the
inquiry were articulated by the examinee.

The “Coding Strategies” book is the first new book on coding the
Comprehensive System in some time. We believe it will help to
clarify many issues and mistaken notions about coding. A special
email announcement will be sent out when the book is available for
purchase in August.

I see that Alberto Peralta has done an assessment of Adolph
Eichmann’s personality using Eichmann’s TAT. It should be a good
compliment to the work we have done with Eichmann’s Rorschach. The
assessment was published in Szandiana (

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