As we know, the Rorschach can be used for a variety of purposes in personality assessment.

The Comprehensive System is particularly useful because of its firm grounding in research and its highly structured nature.  There is a correct, structured way to administer the Rorschach according to the Comprehensive System – how to sit, what instructions to use, and how to conduct the inquiry.  The coding also is highly structured with rules and guidelines for scoring responses set forth in our recently published workbook, Coding Strategies for the Rorschach Comprehensive System by Sciara, Weiner, and Ritzler. (The books are available for purchase on the RTP website.)   Finally, Dr. Exner established the structured procedures for interpretation which are currently used by the major computer programs and most experts with the Comprehensive System.

The Rorschach process is very much like the everyday process of living life according to an individual’s personality.  Psychologists have used the Comprehensive System in forensic cases, in clinical settings, to address occupational questions, and in a number of other situations.  If a psychologist intends to use personality assessments in their work, it is extremely helpful to know how to use the Comprehensive System.


Two Beginning Programs and Two Advanced Programs are now open for registration.

The Beginning Programs are designed to teach beginning Rorschach students how to administer, score, and interpret the Rorschach.   The Advanced Programs focus on specific topics and emphasize interpretation of the Rorschach as well as including additional information on cases.


The first Beginning Program is scheduled for Thursday, March 19 through Sunday, March 22 in Dallas, Texas.  This Program will be presented from Thursday through Sunday to make it easier for students and professional psychologists to schedule time to attend.   All the details for the Program are published on the RTP website.  The Program will be held in Frisco, Texas (northern suburb of Dallas).   The hotel offers complimentary breakfast, breaks, etc.  Current airfare sales are making flights to Dallas very economical.


The second 5 Day Beginning Program is scheduled for Monday, July 6 through Friday, July 10 at the University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT.   The Beginning Program provides an equivalent to a semester’s graduate training in the Rorschach Comprehensive System.  The Program is later this year so academic classes will be over and alleviate fewer academic conflicts for graduate students.   This is also a helpful program for any faculty member planning to teach the Rorschach Comprehensive System.    The city of Hartford is approximately 2 hours from either Boston or New York City.  Both buses and trains are efficient means of transportation to Hartford.



A 2 Day Program on genocide and terrorism is scheduled in Dallas on Friday, April 17 and Saturday, April 18.  The Program is entitled “Nazi war criminal Rorschachs and their relevance for modern terrorism.”  The Program will feature the Rorschachs of the commandant of Auschwitz, Hermann Goering, Adolph Eichmann, and the Rorschach of Sirhan Sirhan to enumerate the Rorschach factors that are consistent with the perpetration of terrorism.


A 2 Day Advanced Program on Risk for Suicide is scheduled for Thursday, August 13 and Friday, August 14.

The first day offers the rare opportunity to hear Dr. Chris Fowler discuss his research on suicide and the Rorschach.   He is currently the associate director of Clinical Research and staff psychologist at The Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas.  At the end of the Program attendees will be able to identify characteristics indicating a risk for suicide.

Note to Students – If you are a student wanting to obtain the student discount for the Beginning Program please contact carolynritzler@hotmail.com  for instructions.




The annual meeting of the Society for Personality Assessment (SPA) will be held March 4-8, 2015, at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.  There will be a variety of paper sessions, symposia, and posters, related to the Rorschach.  Dr. Ritzler will present a paper on thought disorder coding for the Picture Projection Test (PPT).   During the meeting the RTP will have a table in the Exhibit Area.  We hope you will stop by and introduce yourself.  A limited number of materials will be available for purchase.



The second meeting is a conference sponsored by the Comprehensive System International Rorschach Society (CSIRA) in Milan, Italy, August 29-29, 2015.  Dr. Ritzler will give two presentations.  The first presentation will discuss new international research on the reliability of the Comprehensive System variables.     The second presentation will be on teaching the Comprehensive System by Rorschach Training Programs.   For more information search [CSIRA/ARISI] CSIRA Congress 2015.



RTP welcomes your questions and comments.