Links of Interest

The following are related links for the Rorschach Comprehensive System.

The Hermann Rorschach Archives and Museum

Rorschach Museum in Berne, Switzerland containing the collection of research publications pertaining to the method.  For more information contact Rita Signer –

Rorschach Workshops

Site for ordering workbooks, pocket guides and structural summary blanks for use with the Comprehensive System.

Society for Personality Assessment

US professional organization for psychologists interested in personality assessment.

International Society of the Rorschach and Projective Methods

International organization for projective assessment psychologists.

RIAP – Rorschach Interpretive Assistance Program

Site for company marketing a computer program for use with the Comprehensive System and other personality assessment materials.


Rorschach Plus

New web-based technology for administering, scoring and interpreting the Rorschach using the Comprehensive System.  Client specific structural summaries available, access to local and global statistics, etc.

Picture Projection Test

Newly developed picture test for use as an alternative to the Thematic Appercation Test (TAT).