Private Programs

Private programs will be provided by the Senior Rorschach Training Programs Faculty and will be coordinated either through the main office ( or with the faculty member directly:

Anthony D. Sciara, PhD:
Barry Ritzer, PhD:

Private programs are tailored for the needs of a specific group and are developed on an as-requested basis. Private programs may be content oriented (Child/Adolescent, Treatment Planning, Beginning Training, Advanced Coding and Interpretation, etc.), institution oriented (hospital, outpatient treatment, substance abuse program, etc.) or agency oriented (university, military training, etc.).

Private programs may be engaged both within the United States and other countries. For countries with languages other than English, the contracting agency/individual must provide for appropriate translation services or assure that all participants are fluent in English.

Private programs can be provided at whatever location the contracting agency/individuals believe will be appropriate for training needs. The agency/individual will be responsible for copying training materials to be used by the Faculty, a screen and projector for PowerPoint presentations, and appropriate amenities (drinks during breaks, proximity to restaurants, etc.).

The standard faculty honorarium for Private Programs is $1500.00 (US) per day for each teaching day and $1500.00 for one day of travel within the United States or $1500.00 (US) per day for two days of travel internationally. An initial engagement fee equal to ½ the total honorarium must be paid 2 weeks prior to the first day of the program and the remainder of the honorarium must be paid at the last day of the program. For international programs proof of wire transfer of funds will be acceptable.

Other expenses to be paid by the contracting agency/individual prior to program presentation and shall include standard airfare, taxi service and/or parking costs, hotel and meals.

A minimum lead-time before the program of two months is requested to allow for program preparation.